Thank you for taking the time to show me your project, Pacific Breeze at Santa Marianita.
As I mentioned to you, I have recently retired from construction and appreciate the opportunity to look over the blueprints of Pacific Breeze Marianita Project. 

The forethought you put into the project, the design and construction are quite impressive.
The use of the foam panels makes for a structurally sound building that is quieter, better insulated, and easier to adapt. 

Your use of excellent quality sliding doors and windows adds to making the homes quieter, cooler, and more efficient.
The entire water system, from the solar hot water to the treated septic system is first class. 

It is refreshing to see a project that is environmentally friendly and will help Santa Marianita beaches stay as pristine as they are now.
Your condos have an open, bright appearance, with all the amenities one would find in a new home in North America.

Thank you again,
David Benton, Retired Construction Engineer 

Any Questions?

Heating water will be accomplished with the help of the sun's UV rays. We have installing Water Solar units on the roof top to provide you with abundant hot water supply throughout your house.

You will be  saving approximately 40% of your power electric cost, every month!

* The term anaerobic refers to a chemical process not driven by free oxygen. The anaerobic bacteria used in this process are similar to those found in the digestive tracts of humans and most animals. In addition to digestive tracts, anaerobic digestion occurs naturally in swamps, marshes, ocean depths, and in deep layers of organic matter such as those found in tropical forest floors.

​The infrastructure development at the Pacific Breeze Marianita is being carried out in harmony with nature and respecting the delicate coastal ecology.

​​All services are underground and the Grey wastewater (water from Shower, Hand Sinks and Washing Machine) is collected through a network of pipes and accumulated in a holding tank. Here a fully automatic computerized irrigation system will hydrate the soil through a network of underground irrigation tubes providing moisture to the grass, plants, shrubs and trees, creating the tropical ambiance on the site.

Water will be become a very previous commodity in the near future, as you may know that more then 50% of regular home use is used for toilet flushes, hence we are doing our part to reduce water consumption.

Therefore, The Black waste water is accumulated into chamber 1 of our triple tank septic system, which is also toilet paper friendly (not so in many developments in Ecuador, hence you see a small waste basket beside the toilet), where it goes through an Anaerobic digestion (AD)* chemical process similar to fermentation in which anaerobic bacteria breakdown complex organic materials. As chamber one fills the liquid is transferred to the second chamber where extremely tiny air bubbles are introduced to reduce any odour from the liquid, a further overflow process transfers the purified liquid to chamber three. This treated water will be re-used for use of your toilet flush. 

This system has received ISO distinction in Germany, and is been in use for many years in most urban locations.

We are proud to introduce these technologies and assist in the preservation of our environment. Our methods of recovery and recycling of wastewater and domestic refuse make the Pacific~Breeze Marianita community an advanced ecologically friendly urbanized and one of very few site in Ecuador.


in harmony with the Environment!