Living Room & Dining Room Area

Balcony view just before sunset!

Beautiful Teakwood Stairs w/Stainless Hand rail!

Great Kitchen to Entertain!​

Also a large Pantry

for the extra items located besides

the fridge.



Main Entrance, with ramp and stairs by guard house.

Row A - Units 1 thru 4 

Your balcony is in front of your living/dining room with the view of the Pacific Ocean.


These units have two stories with the entrance, bedrooms and

laundry room

on the main level. 


Roof  Terrace

Just relax and enjoy the view, your wet-bar & BBQ counter can be installed for your convenience as an extra.  

The Solar water heater is included and installed on top of the staircase structure. 

(showing in picture below) 

NOTE: The images may not reflect the final design of the project. 

pacific breeze marianita, in Santa Marianita, Ecuador

26 luxury town-homes designed with 2 or 3 story units

surrounded by a tropical gardenpool 

all with an unobstructed spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean from either your balcony that is accessible from your dining room or from the large rooftop terrace. ​​

Units "A" 1 - 4 are now finished!

Reserve your unit now and choice your favourite finishes - live at the Beach in SIX weeks!

Units starting at US$ 159,414 (including land) 

Larger Three story units are available in Row "C",

go to "Design" page​ for spacious Floor plans.​​

Town-Home Units, Row A-1 through A-4

Click on the picture for larger image.

A video on route, when you see the black truck, the property is behind it along the top and side road.

Where do you find a Dining Room with such a View?



 You asked, we listened!

The original design called for 32 units. You told us, we like to get a bigger unit, so we listened and reduced the number of units in Row "B", "C" & "D", from 4 units per building to 3 units. This allowed us to change the floor plan significantly and creating a much larger living space, increasing them by 40.5 M2 or 436 sq.ft. or 25%.

Now this ecological friendly gated community will consist of 26 town homes.

Row A & B and the pool area will part of phase 1. 

Row C & D will be developed in phase 2.

​​At the upper area of the property will be a convenient store, exercise gym & health centre and our management office that can also help you with the rental of your home. ​

For your enjoyment around the pool you can get your favourite drink and snack from the poolside bar.

The perfect retirement location on the Beach!

NOTE: The images may not reflect the final design of the project. 

Constru2plus retire in Ecuador

Living Areas 

This is the 2nd floor level with living room, dining room, kitchen with breakfast bar (optional) and pantry. The kitchen features an island for your cooktop and has exhaust venting pre-installed. The dining room has extra large soundproof patio doors to access your balcony where you can enjoy the view and grow your own tomatoes, herbs or flowers in the large planter. ​

NOTE: The images below are from existing town-home, Row A Unit 4

Bedrooms & Laundry room.

This is the 1st floor level with main entrance.

The master bedroom with private bathroom and the guest bedroom also with their own bathroom, both have large cloth closets.  

Laundry room is also on this level.​

Our outdoor shower!