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The Stairs and the Ramp leading to the Pool

Welcome to our favorite new beachfront development, 
Pacific Breeze Marianita, Santa Marianita, Ecuador 

Green areas are designed for your enjoyment either around the pool in the centre of the community, where you can get your favourite drink and snack from the poolside bar, or enjoy the tropical garden abundant with flowers and palm trees. Change rooms, bathrooms and shower facilities are built near the pool. 

At the upper area of the property will be a convenient store, exercise gym & health centre and our management office that can also help you with the rental of your home. 

​​Many Ecuadorean developments give lip service to environmental stewardship without really knowing what that means. Pacific Breeze Marianita is not one of these projects, setting an example that we hope others will follow. All grey water is recycled and reutilized for toilet flushing, and a triple tank septic system is utilized to process waste, reutilizing it in the form of organic compost and water for irrigation. (This system has received the ISO designation in Germany, and is in use in most urban locations.) Finally, LED lights come standard in all townhouses and a solar water-heater is installed on every rooftop to help reduce energy usage.

All units at Pacific Breeze Marianita come with ample space. A separate laundry room and pantry are present in each town-home, opening up the kitchen for additional space for cabinets and appliances so you will always feel comfortable entertaining guests. But the most breathtaking area of your new home may be the rooftop terrace, with wetbar/fridge, BBQ area, power outlets, and some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see!

If access to first world medical services will be important to you a few years down the road, you will not find a better beach location than Santa Marianita. The trip to Manta (and one of Ecuador´s best hospitals, Rodriguez Zambrano) is just 20 minutes away by car. Even popular expat destinations such as Salinas and Bahia de Caraquez which often boast about infrastructure cannot offer this level of heath service at such a short distance.

Sound appealing?
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Santa Marianita is a small town known by Ecuadorean´s as the kite surfing beach, as kite surfers have flocked to the area for the past decade due to its cross-shore breezes. But as tourists are discovering the area, upscale hotels, restaurants, and some bars have begun to gradually pop up as well. The Malecon, or main beachway road is being modernized, beach preservation has become a priority, and a small community of expats seem to be guiding a sustainable growth model for the  entire community.

Santa Marianita would be on anyone´s shortlist of favourite Ecuadorean beaches for its beauty and serenity, its uniqueness, and its sense of community, but Santa Marianita has something that no other beach has. . . . Nearby the city of Manta.

Santa Marianita is located just a short 15 minute drive south of Manta, Manabi´s most important port and the fastest growing city in the country. There you will find everything you need, from supermarkets, medical services, the new huge Pacifico shopping mall, banking, upscale restaurants etc. The area has continued to boom in recent years, as the economy has diversified away from the tuna industry (amongst the strongest in the world) investing heavily in infrastructure, tourism, and professional services.

The new Pacific Refinery (Refinería del Pacifico) currently under construction will be the largest oil refinery in Latin America, employing and estimated 20,000 - 22,000 people. This local growth has led to a booming real estate industry, nowhere more pronounced than the south of Manta. Investment is bringing demand for high-end hotels and restaurants as well, and the province´s commitment to long term sustainable tourism assures that quality of life improvements match increases in gross product.

This is all important information because it is contributing to a growing middle class which will continue to drive property values up for years to come, but the time is still ripe. The cost of living in Ecuador is still 3 times less than most of the U.S. or Canada and 5 times less than major cities like New York and San Francisco.

Whether you´re one of the thousands of North Americans or Europeans looking to make the jump full time or looking for a winter home offering great return on investment, we invite you to get to know Pacific Breeze in Santa Marianita, Manabí.